Thursday, February 23, 2012

self pity

SElf Pity - Phl 3:13-14 - forgetting the former things.

Since self-pity is the super glue from hell to bind us to our past, then to be free from it, we must be willing to leave those yesterday decisions and situations and live in today. It is an attention-getting, etc.) It will not allow you to forgive yourself but keep you in the land of regrets to keep you separated from God's love and his presence. It is an evil antichrist spirit to get you to self punish yourself but to also take you to suicide is its purpose but to keep you bound up so that you never reach your fulfillment in christ. That is its purpose and design to keep you stuck in the past of past mistakes and not take the power of God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

The reason stuck in self pity is to get attention, to get someone to understand your pain and to find sympathy because you feel separated from god.

I break down the power of Self Pity - little by little as we go along . . . .
I start by asking them - what is the MOST DANGEROUS DEMON --??
Usually people think rage, violence etc. . .
Then I tell them -- SELF PITY!

I describe how it works. I explain that most all of us have some measure of it. I "mock" it demonstrating how it "comforts" the person .. ."Oh, no one understands you, oh No one knows how bad you have it.

I describe how I have had to deal with it - with addiction and then also with the traumas of my childhood. . how it wanted to keep me stuck there.

Self conflict with identity

Reprogram the habitual thoughts coming out of years of abuse. That spirit of victimization would do the boogey with self-pity.

spirits connected with self-pity:

self-conflict with identity - self-hatred, self-accusation
attention getting spirit

Self pity is part of the armor of unloving so it is appropriate that you do bitterness, accusation, envy and jealousy, and rejection before the self pity. Self pity is a block to healing so it must be dealt with to have your victory.