Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Those Who Hurt You

People hurt others because they are hurt and as the saying goes hurt people hurt people. 

The best way to deal with people who hurt people is to pray for them.  God's word says to pray for those who hurt you, misuse you and use you.  Why because when you are able to pray for them, that means much of the bitterness is out of your heart.

You are not to feel sorry for them but have compassion.  Compassion helps you to pray for them. 

The best way to look at someone who hurts you is the Romans 7:17 that Paul talks about that it was not him but a spirit within him working in him and so he did the things, or said things he did not want to do or say.

If you can separate the the person from their sin, it is much easier to forgive and then move towards praying for them.

I know this person must be hurting.  You see the relationship turned evil and the worst of both of us came about and so there was a lot of abuse on both sides, unfortunately.  I could not take the push but Lord I understand.

Lord, I pray for those who want to hurt me, use me or even full of bitterness because of rejection and hurts of the past and past events that could not be helped.  God you love these people and I pray you heal their hearts, heal them from their pain and restore them to what God has called them to do.  I love those people and pray for them daily to be blessed with God's healing and more of God's love in their lives.  God, you have made me a better person.  I've come to a place that you are truly my all. 

Lord, heal this person's hurts so that this person can live again.  I know this person would rather not live and isolate themselves and I know that is not God's will.  I know you care for this person.  I know you will take care of this person.

In fact, I could die alone and that would be ok because I am never alone.  I thank you for your love for me and your goodness for me and I praise your name that you've helped me to have a right heart to bless those who are hurting and where the enemy used evil in both of us.  I stop it today and thank you that I can love these people regardless especially this one person.  There were good times in the past but it turned ugly and I am so sad over that.  Lack of respect, insecurities, I just don't know. 

Lord, I pray specifically for one person and I pray a blessing on this person and I pray success with everything this person touches.  I even pray for this person's home, business, her husband's career and that they are blessed at all levels of life.  I pray for abundance and that you will move and multiply this business to your fullest that they cannot comprehend your blessings.

Most of all is restoration.  I stood for restoration for a long time but I didn't see signs except hurt coming at me.  It broke my heart.

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